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    • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    • Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

    How to submit a paper, APC and Templates

    How to submit a paper

    Before submitting your paper, please confirm that it conforms to the Submission guidelines and Authorship guidelines.

    Please use an appropriate Template for your paper.

    Submission System Operation Guides

    Please access PEPS Editorial Manager to submit your paper.

    ** Japanese version is available here.

    Submit a paper

    Article Processing Charge (APC)

    Article Processing Charge (APC)

    Invited articles,
    Review articles, Data paper
    and Articles recommended
    by JpGU meeting
    session conveners


    No Charge

    All other articles

    When the corresponding author
    is a JpGU member

    200 Euros (excluding tax)

    (80% discount)

    All other articles

    When the corresponding author
    is not a JpGU member

    1,000 Euros (excluding tax)

    (Standard Fee)

    APC depends on the manuscript type and on whether or not the corresponding author is a JpGU member. A person who only has a JpGU ID registered as an AGU, EGU or AOGS member, and a person who has a temporary JpGU ID to attend JpGU Meetings are not included in JpGU members.

    APC payment is required before the paper is processed for publication.

    * Authors based in Euro-zone countries will be billed in Euros. Authors in the UK will be billed in Pounds Sterling, whilst all other authors will be billed in US Dollars. The Sterling and US Dollar amounts will be calculated using the prevailing exchange rate specified by SpringerOpen at the time the paper is submitted.

    To Apply for Waiver or Discount

    1. Indicate your request for a waiver or discount in your cover letter.

    Please use an appropriate cover letter, which you can download from the Templates.

    2. Enter your account number.

    When submitting your article, you are required to register information regarding your APC payment.

    To apply for waiver or discount for your APC payment, you need to enter an account number.

    Please be sure to contact the PEPS office at <peps_edit@jpgu.org> to receive your account number before registering your APC information.

    For details on how to register the APC information, please see [Step 3], [3. Submitting a New Manuscript] in Editorial Manager Guide for submission to PEPS.

    * If you do not enter your account number and mistakenly accept the default 1,000 Euro APC, please contact the PEPS Office at <peps_edit@jpgu.org> for assistance.


    Manuscript Templates

    Please click one of the links below to download a PEPS template.

    When submitting your paper, please upload "pepsart.cls" file together with .tex and .bbl files as "Manuscript item".

    Cover Letter Templates

    Preparing Figures and Tables

    When preparing figures and tables, please follow the formatting instructions for the article you are going to submit.

    Guidelines for Writing Formulae

    Please follow the guidelines in the link above for formatting mathematical equations.

    Geologic Time Scales

    References to units of the geologic time scales should follow the latest version of the International Chronostratigraphic Chart presented by the International Commission on Stratigraphy.

    Submit a paper